Writing essays about the impact of social media on society!

Social media had been in use for a number of years now. It is the means of mutual collaboration and interaction among people from all over the world. There are many forms of social media like social and networking websites, blogs and informative websites, video sharing websites, and many other sources.On one hand, it provides us with many benefits, but it is also a source of many social problems too. Like any technological advancement, it has its own pros and cons, which solely depends on how we use it.


The very first advantage of social media that comes to mind is the ease of communication: people no matter where they reside, are connected with their loved ones through socializing websites. They can share their photos, videos, views, talk, and even do video calling. Some find their old friends and re-connect with them, while many find the opportunity to expand their social circle. These modes of communication are free to use and only require the internet connection. It makes easy for students to stay in touch with their teachers and classmates for sharing of views and talk about any subject. It also provides a platform for professionals to connect and make new personal references. Businesses are using social media to promote their products through ads, take response from customers and expand their outreach to the masses without having to make billboards, advertise on television which in turn has reduced their cost too. Social media has also become a great source of news sharing: now people don`t have to go out and buy newspapers, as they can access news from all over the world at home. It has also made an impact on the political side of countries: people talk about politics which gives rise to a mutual consensus on any issue and they are mobilized to act against any kind of violence or bad governance.

Social media has many advantages, but it has also brought us to the point where we might think of it as a social evil itself. On one side it provides easy communication, but that backfires too. And it makes people even more introvert: they do not go outside and meet their friends and family members face to face, instead they are happy sitting at home which makes them too dependent on technology. Even someone has to ask about its relatives` health, they won`t physically visit them. It has also become very favorite platform for bullying: the bullies now hide behind their computer screen and victimize the ones they dislike. It gives rise to depression among many and is a reason of committing suicides. It makes employees of companies steer away from work and they indulge in social networking even at their offices which is the cause of their declining productivity. Information on these media is also not secure: personal information like photos, videos could be hacked and used negatively which makes relationships worse.

Social media has its own pros and cons and it is all down to us how we use it. If you have to write an essay on this topic, do not fall for best college essay writing website; just remember how social media is influencing a common man nowadays and you can write a good essay.


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