How to really change the way you write?


What to do first?

First off, look at the way you usually write. Remember, you won’t turn from ordinary to extraordinary in a matter of minutes. It takes time, and a lot of it. Look closely at the stories, essays and research papers that you’ve written. What are the weak points? What needs a little more attention? What could be better? Ask yourself these questions, and eventually you’ll find out what’s so wrong with the way you write. After that, read a few books and passages. This sounds a lot time consuming, but as was said earlier, greatness isn’t achieved in a day. Read books from your library, choose a few different genres and choose what you like the best. Did you know that all great writers in this world have received inspiration from other writers of their time? Now, you’re going to do the same. Which brings us to…

What role does reading play in this procedure?

It plays a very important role in the foundation of a writing style. Keep in mind that there is no good writing style, it’s crucial to have your own style and stand out. Don’t worry, you’ll find your style sooner or later! Having a few books on your bedside table will help a lot, and maybe one in your hand won’t hurt. Keep reading and taking notes about what you like in them. Take clues from different stories and the points that make them the best sellers they are today. Once you have a list of favorite books, you most probably will have your own writing style.

How important is pre-writing?

Pre-writing is basically the foundation of any piece of writing. This is also known as drafting. Everything you write needs to have a few versions. For example, a research paper has to have a first draft, second draft and maybe a third. This will make your writing appear mature. It is important that you keep track of what you write, as this will help you to improve even more.  After that, you can move on to a single draft and directly writing your essay.

Is editing your work necessary?

Yes, it is. Even the most qualified writers need to go through this step. When you’re done with any of your writing projects, always go through it and tighten up any loose spots. Keep checking it until it’s time to submit it. With all these tips, you’ll be sure to never say- Hire someone to write a paper for me!


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